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sculptors's Journal

The Definitive LJ Community for 3D Art
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This is a community for people to discuss, display, and critique 3-D art. Want to share a really cool technique? Show a little animated GIF of your latest kinetic sculpture? Spout on and on about that miraculous material, plaster of Paris? This is the place. Really, just about anything is acceptable... Even for display. For example, drawings are fine, granted that they're drafts or instructional diagrams or what have you.

And, please, when posting pictures, be considerate for the people who don't have broadband. Yes, they are out there. And as much as they love art, they don't appreciate having to wait 7 minutes for your 1024x760 snapshot to load in the current entries page. Links, lj-cuts, and thumbnails are super-cool. Everyone will love you when you use them.

And as for the target demographic, everyone who works in 3D media is welcome, from beginners to hardened veterans. From struggling bohemians for whom Sculpture Is Life-Blood to those who dabble in crafts.

At last, a LiveJournal community for us rare (and sometimes underappreciated) sculptors!