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New kinetic sculpture completed with video: Meer-col

This one was tough! I got a late notice on a call for art for the mayor's office. I've never tried for any sort of sub on art work as yet. I decided it was time to take the plunge, and that the extremely short timeline (basically a weekend and a couple of weeknights) was going to be the acid test on my deadline abilities.

Long story short, I got it done, and it was accepted! Even after I completed the initial work I still had to keep working on it constantly to fine tune it in case it was accepted, plus I had to make a hanging back board for it since they would not be screwing it directly into the wall. I have already gotten word that the staff there loves it.

The specs: 30"Wx17"Hx8"D, all stainless steel, 1/8" rod for the track, 1"4 tubing for the frame with 1/4" solid rod for the frame legs. The marbles are 1" in diameter. The coil was a huge challenge to get functioning right. It is tough when you have more than one marble spinning through it at a time, but the whole thing works! It works!!!!

So you wanna see it work! So here:

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